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Igniting Interest, Fostering Innovation, Creativity and Problem Solving abilities for any Age One Step at a Time


Our inspiration is to set the stage for a unique culture of hands-on activity and minds-on engagement in the area of Technology and Engineering embedding Science and Mathematics. Students and Educators will be indulging in a joyful process of brainstorming, experimenting, tinkering, investigating, and inventing while using our STEM Learning & Teaching package and Activity modules to further ignite interest in the subjects related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), enhance Problem Solving skills and Digital competency.

We aspire to create a new pipeline of future engineers and scientists for fields vital to the future. We believe it is essential to capture the imagination and curiosity of students from the start of their education: to introduce cutting edge concepts with Learning and Teachings activity modules to engage their inventiveness and creativity, while at the same time building a solid foundation in critical 21st-century skills and Industrial Revolution 4.0. 

Our STEM Learning & Teaching Package

build for Upper Primary, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary, Universities and Hobbyist

FlowLogic 6

Our Latest Version

FlowLogic 6 is a Pick n Place Flowchart based Interactive Testing, Debuging, Programming, Controlling and Data Visualization tool for Arduino UNO board. User able to learn and carry out various programming challenges either by using built in  virtual project model or physical
model connected to an Arduino UNO board
via your PC's USB port.

Starter Kit

All you need to get started

It comes with a Arduino Uno board with the latest Firmware to communicate with FlowLogic 6 and 100 over components including of  Electronic, sensors like Temperature, Humidity, Light, UltraSonic, Water Level, Gas as well as DC Motor, Servo Motor, LCD panel, Relay module to Explore, Learn and Discover everything from LED to Internet of Things and Robotics.

Learning Manual

Graphically Illustrated 

It was designed and written with you in Mind. Providing you an easy and fast way to explore, Learn and Discover each of the components
in the Starter kit before incorporating it
into your either prototype project built on a breadboard or a physical model. Illustrative
guides from connecting to testing,
troublehooting and programming included.

Our STEM Training Programs 

Our progressive learning and teaching plan will upskill you from ZERO to HERO

 Kick-Start Workshop

to ignite interest in Science, mathematics and Digital Competency one step at a time
Age group : 9 to above
Duration : 3 Days

You will learn by referring to the Learning Manual step by step to connect, test, troubleshoot and program each components in the Starter kit to showcase its real world functionalities and its benefits to Life, Environment and Productivity. You will further learn to incorporate combination of the components to build real world prototype projects from LED to IOT and Robotics. and program it using our acclaimed FLOWLOGIC 6 programming tool.

Embedded Control 

Build Stand-Alone controller to control real world models and systems using C/C++
Age group : 13 and above
Duration : 3 Days

You will learn to build real world stand-alone embedded control system to control and monitor prototype projects from LED to IOT and Robotic by developing Arduino based Firmware using C/C++ programming language incorporating various components in the Starter Kit. You will acquire the abilities to produce various control programs, Test it, troubleshoot it and showcase your project and its functionalities.

Design and Fabrication

Using design software tool to design parts for real worls models, PCBs board and soldering skill
Age group : 13 and above
Duration : 3 Days

You will learn to use Open source Design software tools to design real world project parts and PCBs boards. You will acquire abilities to use 3D printer to fabricate project parts and Soldering skill to produce PCB control boards with electronic components to integrate into their projects incorporating various other components in the Starter Kit to build a real worlds project models, Test it, troubleshoot it and showcase your project functionalities.

App Development

Build Mobile Apps to control bluetooth enabled systems like Mobile Robot or Home appliances
Age group : 13 and above
Duration : 3 Days

You will learn developing Bluetooth Smart Applications for Android Mobile devices incorporting Arduino embedded control system and various other components in the Starter Kit to build a real world projects, like Mobile Car Robot controlled by Smart phone wirelessly via Bluetooth. You too will aquire abilities to incorporate sensors in their smart phone like Gyro meter or Voice recognition to enhance features of your Robot navigation.


By Upper Primary to University Students


By SMK Tun Perak, Rawang, Malaysia


Assessment was carried out by Officers from the Education Planning Research Division of
Ministry of Education Malaysia

“Upon completion of our assessment on the implementation of the Stem ‘Kick Start” activity module for the students using the Starter Kit in their STEM club, our finding shows the students have developed greater interest in coding as well as has enhanced their creativity and innovation. The activities carried out in the STEM Club are in line with the initiative of Malaysian Ministry of Education to strengthen Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics among students. We wish more products such as the Starter Kit and the activity modules can be developed to help students toempower STEM Education.”


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