Upper Primary
Std 4 - 6

STEM Kickstart workshops for Lower primary students using FlowLogic 6 and STEM Learning package.

Lower Secondary
Form 1 - 3

STEM Kickstart workshops with project development for Lower Secondary students using FlowLogic 5 and companion learning package

Upper Secondary Form 4 - 5

STEM Kickstart workshops with project development for Upper Secondary students using STEM Learning package

Teachers and Students

STEM KickStart workshop in schools for students and Teachers

University Students

STEM Kickstart workshops for UNISEL University students, Faculty of Computer Science using STEM Learning package

University Students

STEM KickStart workshops for University students (UPM), Fakulty of Education, subject RBT using STEM Learning package

Final Year Project

Students carry out Final Year project upon completing the STEM Kick-Start training

Teachers and Lecturers

STEM Kick-Start workshop attended by school teachers and  Universities Lecturers

After School hour and on Weekends

Students attends STEM Kick-Start workshops after school hours and during weekends.