FlowLogic 6 is a Flowchart  based interactive Visual Programming software tool  with Visual Coding medium using symbolic flowchart blocks. FlowLogic 6 is a very easy to use Pick and drop programming tool and an intergral part of our STEM Kick-Start Exploration for students and Hobyist from aged 5 and above.

Create control sequences, stories, games, and animations. Share with others around the world.

Ready to Plug n Play with Airduino Uno board with custom firmware.

FlowLogic 6 supports many programming elements

- Sequences of instructions
- Conditional Branching 
- Loops (infinite, or based on a condition or count)
- Variables and variable manipulation
- Math and string functions
- Sub-procedures
- Variable, Timer, Counter, Charts, Gauges and Text display windows
- USB ports communications

DuinoSoft 6 also incorporates numerous pre-built on-screen mimics that we named it Virtual Project, that allows progressive and introductory to programming concepts in manageable steps. User can build programs to animate and manipulate these virtual projects by building Logic Sequences using various command elements.

Project activities using FlowLogic 6

Below are the some of the project activities carried out using Flowlogic 6  and its Inventor kit


Please ogranise the download files and refer to theExploration Guide for installation tips 

FlowLogic 6

Version 1.6

Click the above icon to download our latest version. Unsip and run the SETUP file to install it into your PC. Follow the on screen instructions to complete installation. Only for Win 7,8 and 10

Learning Module

NOT available yet - Currently being updated!!!

Click the above icon to download our latest revision. Create a new folder, Unzip and copy the PDF file into the new folder you create. Take time to read and explore each experiment as described.

Arduino USB Driver

for 32bit and 64bit PCs

Click the above ICON to download the latest Arduino USB driver. Unzip and run the appropriate driver file to install into your PC which will enable DuinoSoft 6 Plug n Play with Arduino UNO board.